Writing a Client

A client at its core is simply a set of utilities for capturing various logging parameters. Given these parameters, it then builds a JSON payload which it will send to a GottWall server using some sort of authentication method.

The following items are expected of production-ready clients:

  • DSN configuration
  • Graceful failures

Additionally, the following features are highly encouraged:

  • Non-blocking event submission

Client Usage (End-user)

Generally, a client consists of three steps to the end user, which should look almost identical no matter the language:

  1. Creation of the client (sometimes this is hidden to the user)
var my_client = new RedisClient('http://public_key:secret_key@example.com/default');


var my_client = new RedisClient(private_key=”private_key”,
public_key=”public_key”, project=”project_name”, host=”host”)
  1. Send data
my_client.incr(name="metric_name", value=2, timestamp=ts, filters={"status": "New", "user":"registered"})