Available Storages

Storage is a component of system that store calculated metrics data and performs calculation operations.

GottWall supports several storages in core package.

The following storages are supported current GottWall server:

  • gottwall.storages.memory.Memory - stored metrics in memory
  • gottwall.storages.memory.Redis - stored metrics in redis database

To use specified store need to setup STORAGE variable in GottWall config.

Storage development

Also you can develop custom storage for your own server. You need make package that included backend class inherited from gottwall.storages.base.BaseBackend.

Custom storage must override methods:

class CustomStorage(gottwall.storages.base.BaseBackend)
incr(project, name, timestamp, value=1, filters={}, **kwargs):

Add count for metric name and filters


Sub value from metric name in project


Get data by range and filters


Get metrics list

Third party storages